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Flame Aroma Diffuser

Flame Aroma Diffuser

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Introducing the Flame Aroma Diffuser Air Humidifier – a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality designed to elevate your space. Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of this Ultrasonic Cool Mist Maker Fogger, seamlessly combining the benefits of a humidifier with the delightful aromas of your favorite essential oils.

Key Features:

1. Ultrasonic Technology: Experience whisper-quiet operation as the ultrasonic technology transforms water into a fine mist, promoting a calm and serene environment.

2. Cool Mist & Humidification: Achieve the perfect balance of moisture in the air, preventing dryness and enhancing your well-being. The cool mist also contributes to a refreshing ambiance.

3. LED Essential Oil Flame Lamp: Elevate your surroundings with the soft glow of the LED flame lamp, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Customizable LED lighting allows you to set the mood to suit your preferences.

4. Essential Oil Diffusion: Imbue your space with your favorite scents using the essential oil diffusion feature. Transform any room into a sanctuary of relaxation and tranquility.

5. Stylish Design: The sleek and modern design of the Kinscoter Aroma Diffuser adds a touch of sophistication to any space, making it a perfect complement to your home or office decor.

6. Diffuser with Multiple Functions: Beyond aromatherapy, this multifunctional device serves as a humidifier, adding moisture to the air, promoting better sleep, and supporting overall well-being.

Enhance your surroundings with the Kinscoter Aroma Diffuser Air Humidifier – where technology meets tranquility. Elevate your space today with this exquisite essential oil diffuser and create an ambiance that reflects your style and serenity.


Power supply: plug in the USB cable (please use 5V2A for power supply)

Water tank capacity: 180ml

Atomization amount: 15-20ml/h

Use time: 9-12 hours

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